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Research-focused Product Design

League of Legends Trainer for Pros is a game stats analytics tool which helps top performing LoL players boost their training efficiency.

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An efficient and effective way of news delivery that
crafts trust-building communications between Amazon
and China-based sellers selling in the U.S. Marketplace.

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Dota Stats Analytics

Interactive Video Game Analytics
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You play DOTA? Try out VPGame's newest analytics tool!

We offers Dota players better game experience through providing the most detailed open source match data and accurate player statistics analysis.

Order Fresh

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Eat healthier. Live healthier.

This is OrderFresh, which provides a platform for its users to engage and sustain a healthier lifestyle. 

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Product Design

What's RAPID? Record, Analyze, Plan, Iterate and De-stress!

RAPID works directly with you to help you manage your schedule and time to relieve stress.

Keep your life on track with RAPID.

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Company: VPGame

A cross platform solution that allows Dota 2 players discover useful statistics to improve their gaming performance.