Social Moth

A narrative, 2D-platformer about a moth contending with its social anxiety in the midst of everyday life


Aug 2021 - Present

Work In Progress


My Role

Game Designer,

Level Designer






Level Design, UI Design, UX Design 


Social Moth is a narrative platformer where you play as a small moth contending with social anxiety. Set in a close-knit community on the forest floor, the game allows the player to explore themes of mental health, relationships, and finding a sense of belonging.

While playing, the player will understand the intrusive thoughts and worries of the moth, the stress of interaction and overthinking, and the comfort found in supporting the moth’s relationships through healthy boundary setting and honest communication.

Game Overview

Anxiety lurks around every corner!


The player controls a moth that desperately wants to be accepted by others, but who is thwarted by social anxiety at every turn. This manifests as a large monster that seeks to keep the moth stuck ‘safely’ at home in their lamp by chasing them through the forest whenever they go out and looming over any conversations they happen to have.


  • 2D platforming - move side to side and jump to traverse the forest floor

  • Anxiety increases over time - when it gets too high, the monster will spawn

  • Colliding with the anxiety monster returns the moth to the most recent checkpoint

  • Colliding with other characters triggers a conversation

    • Choose from up to four dialogue options during each conversation

    • Anxiety will increase or decrease based on conversation choices

  • Have good conversations and pick up collectibles to keep anxiety at bay

  • The moth gains multiple movement upgrades (double jump, dash, etc.)

  • Make it to the end of each level without getting eaten!

Game is still in development, check Alpha build below!