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Esports Analytics

Interactive Dota Statistics Analytics Tool for Dota players.


January - March 2018

My Role

UX & UI Designer


Illustrator, Adobe XD,

Axure, Zeplin


Research, Ideation, Prototyping,

Usability Testing


Dota 2 is the most played multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) video game on Steam. It is an e-Sports which attracts players from all corners of the world to compete as a team of 5. The game holds dozens of tournaments each year with prize pools that can be as much as $25 million for one tournament. Enthusiasts of the game use Dota 2 analytics websites to track their game statistics and identify information relevant to helping them improve.


As one of the leading e-Sports and online gaming platforms that aims to bring the best service to billions of e-Sports fans and online video gamers worldwide, VPGame wanted to break into the Dota 2 analytics market, attracting players from different regions and skill levels. There are currently several Dota 2 analytics tools available in the market, with only a few capturing majority of the market share. Our goal was to create an engaging user experience that would entice players to try our tool.

Design Process

  • Online research

  • Competitive Analysis

  • Research latest UI/UX trends, design principles and rules

  • Create wireframes

  • Define specifications

  • Create high-fi mockups

  • Get feedback from stakeholders

  • Iterate prototypes

  • Help build the experience

  • Make minor changes in design based on Engineering constraints

  • Compare implementation and defined interface

Design Process.png
  • Stakeholder interviews

  • User interviews

  • Create user personas

  • Define use cases

  • Set Minimum Viable Product design goals

  • Brainstorm ideas

  • Sketch and evaluate ideas

  • Get stakeholders' feedback from technical perspective

  • Iterate sketches

  • Usability Testing

  • Identify and communicate improvements

  • Iterate design

Design Process

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